DRTMA is a music talent management company based in the Bay Area of Northern California , specializing in artist management and performances. With a focus on Hip hip / Rap recording artist, producers, and other live music entertainers, DRTMA has worked with artists and venues, leading to hundreds of events and dozens of Albums and Ep’s since our inception in 2009.

Our mission is to create a more equitable and fair playing field for Hip Hop and Rap artist and musicians in the live event space. We consider each talent we work with to be a ‘business of one’ and help them in a structured proven path for they’re career. At DRTMA, we create a trusted and transparent ecosystem for independent artists to thrive by empowering them with more time to focus on their creative pursuits while opening doors to new opportunities and helping them with social media content and best user practices for professional and personal growth.
At DRTMT we offer in house content creation and social media consulting for individuals projects best tailored to one’s audience, fan base and potential new ones for growth. Doing so with fitted pathways to budgeted solutions for maximum exposure and popularity.